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We take pride in providing a complete service to cover the movement of game from the hill through the chill and then via our refrigerated trailers to the point of sale. BSS are happy to build bespoke deer and game larders by adapting existing premises and equally to build from new, to suit each customer’s individual requirements. At East Monar we transformed a muddy site by erecting the building and then completed the construction by panelling the inside, fitting a rail system with electric winch and all other accessories.

“The overall construction is very good. I am very pleased with the outcome of our new larder which also blends in well. I also think the gamedealer likes the larder as it has made life a little easier for him as well.”

Good job John. Yours, Stephen Potter
Head stalker and keeper East Monar Estate.

Whether the larder is built within a new building as above or an existing building as pictured here, we build preparation/reception areas, in addition to panelling and installing refrigeration units and all other accessories required in the chills.

Another larder recently completed is on Skelpick and Rhifail Estate:

“We are delighted with our new larder, BSS gave us several different design and costing options and what I was most impressed with was the fact that we got exactly what we asked for when we asked for it. All deadlines that were set were met.”

Euan Anderson – Stalker, Skelpick & Rhilfail Estate.

 These next photos show a job BSS Cold Store Installation Ltd completed recently at Dunalastair Estate. This started with an old larder which had to be completely refurbished and this is the end product:




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